Hi, My name is Tola, you can called me Tender. I love tech startups and community. My passion is split between my love for amazing technology and my drive to help startup communities around the world grow and learn from each other! Tender who is one of the huge numbers of Linux sweethearts and F.O.S.S lover. Right now, he functions as System Engineer, DevOps, Developer, Server Infrastructure. Founder of Samang Network and a content creator for Linux Tender who loves working with computers and strongly believes in sharing knowledge. Have an idea? Need my help? E-Mail Me!

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- Technical and Self Development, to obtain global certify from the global academy as below achievements

- System and Network Administration (SNA) at Passerellesnumériques Cambodia (PNC/CIST)


-          Linux Expert Certified from Plesk Univesity

-          Inclusive Speaker Orientation #LFC101-11843, Linux Foundation

-          Compliances Basics for Developers #LFC191-11842, Linux Foundation

-          AWS Technical Professional, Amazon Cloud Computing

-          Google for Education Exam Certification at Google Education

-          Maintaining Cyber Security at DeVry University

-          Cisco CCNA Certificate of Course Completion

-          NDG Linux Essentials Certificate of Course completion

-          Completion Course of Introduction to Cyber Security from Netacad

Soft and Management Skills

-          Management: Almost 4 years experiences in IT Management, leadership, project management, incident/Issue Report, Problem solving, Communication,  and Customer Engagement.

-          Interest: Creative, Troubleshooting, passionate about learning something new for development and challenge. Play football/volleyball and willing to travel as adventure.

Key Skills & Work Experiences

Present: Working as System Engineer, DevOps, Developer, and Server Infrastructure.

Key Skill, Engineering, and Administrative duties:

     +    Managing Services

        -    Manage Server Data Center Structure, Implement, Maintenance, Server Migration, Backup and Restore Configuration.

        -    Web Hosting service, DNS Server,  Mail Server (Exim, Postfix, Dovecot...), AD (Domain Controller), File Server (DFS, Screening,...), FTP Server, Samba, LDAP Server, NMS Monitoring.)

    +    Cluster Management 

        -    Streaming System (Wowza),  Server RAID, LInux Cluster, and Fail Over Cluster (DRDB, Heardbeat, Pacemaker), Load Balancing.

    +    Mail Server and Service Deployment: MS Exchage Server 2010, 2016, Zimbra Collaboration Server, Domino and Lotus Note Server, Office365, G-Suite Mail, Yahoo Business Mail.

    +    Security: MailChannel & OSG ( Spam Outbound Gateway) Spam Filtering Server, Xeam Message Filtering System,  Firewall Security and SpamSentenial

    +    System: ERP, CRM, Accounting and HR System, Wifi Hotspot Deployment and Configuration.

    +    Public and the private cloud: Knowledge on AWS, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode

    +    Backup: Bacula Centralize Backup, Bareos, Amanda
    +    Virtualization & Compute: Docker, KVM, CloudStack, VMware vCenter, ESXI, Storage SC2020, 10000 Xen, Promox, vSphere

    +    IT Asset Management & CMD: iTop, Ralph, Netbox, i-doit, RackTables, GLPI, Snipe-IT

    +    Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment: Go, Jenkins, Concourse, GitLab

    +    Control Panels: WHMCS & Cpanel, Floxlor, VestaCP, Sentora, Virtualmin

    +    Monitoring & Alerts: SamangNetwork, FAN Automation, Nagios, Cacti, Monit, Nagavis, Munin, Observium, Zabbix, Smokeping, Netflow/FlowGraph

    +    Network Configuration Management: GestioIP, RanCID, rConfig, Oxidized, phpIPAM

    +    Distribute System: Centos/Redhat Server, Ubuntu/Debain Server, Windows Server 2008/2012,2016

    +    Distribute File System: Ceph, DRDB, ClusterFS, LCMC Cluster Management

    +     DNS: Bind, djbdns, NSD, PowerDNS,

    +     Web Server: Apache, Nginx, Nginx Proxy, Squid Proxy, Vanish Web Cache

    +    Physical Servers Devices: Dell Power Edge, HP, Mikrotik, Cisco Router and Switch, CISCO ASA Router/ FMC, FortiGate, Palo-Alto, SAN Storage SC2020

    +    Programming on Linux: Scripting, Shell, Perl, Python, PHP

    +    Training and Project Management

        -    IT System Infrastructure Planner, Lead and assist the team to get the jobs done and succeed, Reporting, Wiki Documentation, and Demonstration.

        -    System and Network Design and Implement for the diagram.
        -    Provide training, sharing knowledge to the team.

        More knowledge development that I had earned and gained from Teles and ISP Industries during 4 years.


In Own Projects & Speaking Engagements

- Founder and Tech Development of Samang Network and Server Monitoring www.samangnetwork.com

- Blog Founder of Linux Tender, Community of IT www.linuxtender.com and www.khmerdigital.net

- Open Sourcing the Infrastructure docs on www.slideshare.net/tolaleng  

My Linkedin Profile www.linkedin.com/in/tolaleng    

- More about me  https://about.linuxtender.com/

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Name: Tola Leng    

Email: pkaylinux@gmail.com
My telegram: +85517728858